The Versatile Display Cabinet

The Versatile Display Cabinet

Display cabinets have become a mainstay for protecting objects we want to share with large numbers of people. The transparent case made from metal, glass, wood and other composites acts as a container that highlights an object beautifully while protecting it.

Display Cabinets Show Off Your Collections
Museums, collectors, and hobbyists all employ display cabinets of various configurations from simple tabletop displays in the form of glass coffee tables to elaborate built-in wall units. Each has its place and use.

Display Cabinets Highlight Your Accomplishments
Competitive sports events reward their contestants with medals and trophies and the contestants like to Metro Display their winnings as lifetime milestones. From ribbons to trophies to rings and medallions, competitors enjoy receiving recognition for their efforts long after the actual event and displaying the trophies of their accomplishments gives them that experience over and over again.

Display Cabinets Communicate An Idea
Sometimes a model of a building or a prototype of a new device needs exposure and a display case can accomplish this. Many times these display cases are built just for the purpose of displaying the single item so it is shown to its best advantage. Often these displays are unique and may have unusual orientations or user experiences such as viewing from above or below or even from an inside point of view.

Display Cabinets Show Off Your Merchandise
One of the most common uses is the merchandise case. These come in as many different forms as your imagination. Some cases are closed, others open. Some are small, others large. They display everything from jewelry to fruits and produce or batteries to dresses. Their common purpose is to get you to purchase a product.

Display Cabinets Protect Your Valuables
Sometimes a primary attribute for the display cabinet is to protect the items on display. Museum displays often require this attribute. They may protect the items from harsh sunlight, or even the air we breathe, and certainly moisture. Sometimes they include security features to prevent theft.